A challenge is a project in which multidisciplinary teams are tasked with building technology solutions that address issues identified by a sponsoring organization, such as a non-profit, foundation, or for-profit company. Developers, designers, patients, providers, health care organizations, and anyone else interested in health care are invited to take part in the challenge. Winning teams are awarded prizes that range up to $100,000.

Email Jean-Luc Neptune, Senior Vice President, at or call 646-734-2320 if you have any questions or if you’d like to launch a project.

ONC i2 Challenges

On June 8, 2011, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) announced the launch of the Investing in Innovation (i2) Initiative, a bold new program designed to spur innovations in health IT. The program centers on prizes and competitions to accelerate the development of solutions and communities around key challenges in health IT.

Challenge Name Prizes Deadline
Reducing Cancer Among Women of Color Challenge $100,000 Winners Announced
Mobilizing Data for Pressure Ulcer Prevention Challenge $80,000 Winners Announced
Apps4TotsHealth Challenge $25,000 Winners Announced
Crowds Care for Cancer Challenge: Supporting Survivors $40,000 Winners Announced
Blue Button Co-Design Challenge $55,000 Winners Announced
My Air, My Health: An EPA/HHS Challenge $160,000 Winners Announced

Partner Challenges

Have a problem in healthcare that you think technology could help fix? Want to see what creative developers might do with access to new datasets or platforms? Anyone can sponsor a challenge. You can be a foundation, academic institution, investor, government agency, technology company or healthcare organization. If you have a question, you never know who might have a solution. For more details see the FAQs here. Submit a challenge here!

Challenge Name Prizes Deadline
Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014 $1,000,000 May 23, 2014
NYS Health Innovation Challenge $20,000 July 24, 2014
PCORI Matchmaking App Challenge $150,000 August 15, 2014
Dignity Health and Box Patient Education App Challenge $100,000 In Phase 2
Henry Ford Innovation Institute HealthTech Challenge $150,000 Closed for Judging
Allscripts Open App Challenge $750,000 Winners Announced
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Games To Generate Data Challenge $200,000 Winners Announced
Shire ADHD Transitions Challenge $150,000 Winners Announced
Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge $25,000 Winners Announced
PCORI Patient-Researcher Matching Challenge $125,000 Winners Announced
Innovate Health Tech NYC $50,000 Winners Announced
PILOT Health Tech NYC $1,000,000 Winners Announced
Novartis Thalassemia App Challenge $150,000 Winners Announced
Re-imagining Consumer Health With Windows 8 And Healthvault Challenge $15,000 Winners Announced
RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge $120,000 Winners Announced