Santa Monica

November 2, 2013

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Saturday, November 2

  1. Main Stage

    Welcome to Health Interactive

    Robin Berzin MD Executive Producer of Health Interactive, Health 2.0

    Grab your water bottles, your running shoes, and your smartphone and get ready be inspired.

  2. Center Plaza 1

    Barre Burn: Presented by Lorna Jane

    Frances Flores Fitness Instructor , Lorna Jane

    Get a total body workout from Frances Flores that will slim your hips, tighten your thighs, lift your seat, & mobilize your metabolism. Lorna Jane will host this barre workout that utilizes ballet movements, intelligent isometrics, changes in rhythm, range of motion & progressive core training, your body strengthens so you look, feel and move better.

  3. Main Stage

    Naam Yoga Sound Meditation

    Alyssa Gaustad Yoga and Dance Instructor, Naam Yoga

    Start the day with a Naam Yoga energetic sound meditation at 10am, to harmonize and enliven your mind, body, spirit connection for health and radiance, led by Alyssa Gaustad, who has more than 10 years of Naam Yoga Therapies teaching and dance experience. Naam Yoga is a new form of yoga, combining the healing properties of sound vibration, movement and conscious breathing to bring the mind and body into harmony and balance.

    Don't forget to bring your yoga mat!

  4. Main Stage

    Health in America in 2014

    Alan Greene MD Founder, DrGreene.com

    Dr. Alan Greene, founder of DrGreene.com and author of Raising Baby Green will start us off with his passion for how the best new technologies are being combined with ancient wisdom to help America get healthier.

  5. Studio 1

    4x4 Fitness Class with Lori Corbin

    Lori Corbin Nutrition and Fitness Reporter, ABC7 Eyewitness News

    Food and fitness coach Lori Corbin is a fitness and nutrition reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News. She's also famous for her killer fitness 4x4 workout circuit. Can you last all 36 minutes? Looking at Lori, it's worth trying!

  6. Studio 2

    Get Your Yoga On with the One and Only Kia Miller

    Kia Miller Yoga Instructor, RADIANT BODY YOGA and YogaWorks

    Kia Miller's reputation for strong yoga with big soul is unparalleled. She draws from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Kundalini traditions to create her own unique blend Radiant Body Yoga. Don't miss this 40 minute mind-body elevation experience.

    Don't forget to bring your yoga mat!

  7. Main Stage

    HI's Healthiest Chef Competition

    Think you can cook healthy? Really healthy? Three HI attendees will have the chance to show off their healthiest knife skills for judges Ashley Koff RD, celebrity chef Matthew Kenney, owner of Moon Juice Amanda Chantal Bacon, and author and chef Amelia Saltsman.

    The contestants will each be given five surprise ingredients from the Santa Monica Farmers Markets and will have twenty minutes to make their best meal. The judges will taste-test their creations and crown the Healthiest Chef based based on creativity, presentation, and overall taste.

    Are you the Healthiest Chef? Register for this workshop for the chance to be selected as one of our three contestants with a chance on winning an awesome goodie bag from Nature's Path!

  8. Main Stage

    What to Eat - Today & Tomorrow with Ashley Koff RD

    Celebrity dietician and Qualitarian Ashley Koff RD will present her vision for how to eat well today so you are happy and healthy far into tomorrow. Bring your questions for the live Q&A to follow!

  9. Studio 2

    Athletes 4 Wellbeing

    Athletes 4 Wellbeing: Real Athletes. Real Patients. Real Results is a panel of athlete patients who are using diet and “active lifestyle” (triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and surfing) to manage chronic conditions which include cancer, MS, diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injuries and more. The panel is moderated by Roger Holzberg, a 9 year cancer survivor, and includes: Jocelyn Harrison USAT age category elite triathlete and consultant for the American Diabetes Association & Choose Health LA, Derek Chalmers, cyclist and 10 year MS patient, and Jesse Billauer Founder of Life Rolls On.

  10. Studio 1

    Resistance Training: Theory and Practice with Holly Perkins

    Holly Perkins Fitness Ambassador, New Balance

    Join celebrity fitness expert Holly Perkins for a double whammy: 20 minutes of essential info on how to optimize your resistance training regimen, and 20 minutes of sweating it out with her favorite resistance bands. Just basic workout clothes required - we'll provide the bands!

  11. Main Stage

    How to Live WELL in LA

    Learn what you can do today to easily and simply green your life with moderator Indu Subaiya and green luminaries, Shaun Tomson, Kelly Meyer, Gauri-Brienda Ramnath, and Melisa Nicola.

  12. Studio 1

    SoulShine with Patti Quintero and Dj Oscure

    Patti Quintero Yoga Instructor, YogaWorks

    SoulShine is a transformational practice of meditative movement, weaving together music, conscious breath and energizing vinyasa sequences focused on postural alignment. This workshop includes postures which cultivate internal heat, core work to build stability, invigorating backbends and cooling forward bends to quench the nervous system. Let Your SoulShine!

    Don't forget to bring your yoga mat!

  13. Main Stage

    Your Health Questions Answered - Live

    Join world renown integrative physicians Dr. John La Puma and Dr. Soram Khalsa for a live Q&A session where you will have the chance to have your health-related questions answered by the experts. This is a rare opportunity to interact with two brilliant voices who are leading the transformation of medicine. To Tweet in your questions use the #hiLAliveQ

    You can also join the conversation via Twitter! During the session just submit them using #hilaliveQ for the chance to have your question answered live onstage!

  14. Studio 2

    Cooking for Kids by Kids Healthy Cooking Class

    Melisa Nicola President , Culinary Arts Kids Eat

    Melisa Nicola, chef and co-owner of Beverly Hills restaurant Nic's, has a new gig - working with the American Heart Association's Harvest With Heart Program to mentor teenagers from South Central LA in cooking, gardening and entrepreneurial skills. These kids are now super star chefs and are coming to HI to teach other kids how it's done. Bring the whole family to see Melisa and her crew in action and learn some new skills for cooking well at home.

  15. Studio 1

    SKYlates: Fitness Anywhere Anytime Anyplace

    Ky Evans Master Trainer at The Studio (MDR), Strength & Conditioning Specialist

    The Studio MDR’s Head trainer, Ky Evans, will show you in 20 minutes how to train yourself to operate at your optimal level, at your convenience. All you need is your yoga mat and a ready to work attitude, as Ky will show how break your daily plateau and help increase brain function, energy levels, raise your confidence, lower your stress and burn fat.

    SKYlates will be a fitness instruction experience that works around all of the variables that prevent you from taking care of your mind and body.

  16. Main Stage

    Is Tracking for Everyone? How Wearable Computing is Changing Fitness

    Join Nadeem Kassam, founder of BioBeats and MyBasis, Chris Downie, founder of SparkPeople, celebrity fitness trainer Adam Rosante and Dan Conroy, Head of Business Development for CarePass® from Aetna, in a discussion moderated by ABC7 reporter, Lori Corbin, about how technology is changing our perception of our bodies and redefining the way we exercise.

  17. The Marketplace

    12 Chairs with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Join the California Healthcare Foundation and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, founder of Think Health and one of the foremost health care economists in the nation, in this intimate focus group to discuss your reactions to health care reform. Guests will receive a $15 iTunes gift card and delicious healthy treats! Space is limited to 12 participants.

  18. Studio 2

    Stocking up at the Farmers Market

    Amelia Saltsman Author, Santa Monica Farmers' Market Cookbook

    Join the Santa Monica Farmers Market's own Amelia Saltsman and Laura Avery for a show and tell of the best ingredients from this fall's market. There are some very cool additions you will absolutely want to cook with after this workshop!

  19. Main Stage

    Let's Get Physical: the secrets to a successful relationship with your fitness tracker

    Jesse Givens Head of Product for CarePass, Aetna

    When it's good, it's really good. It looks great on your hip. Goes out to dinner with you. Gets steamy in the shower. Sleeps with you even after a long day. But then it starts to nag when you don't get off the couch. Tells you that you need to lose a few pounds. Finds dust on the shelves. Suddenly, you find yourself gazing at a new one and wondering if it would be different.

    Yes, we're talking about wearable fitness trackers! Jesse Givens, Head of Product Development for CarePass, will share what he's learned from being a serial device user including: Finding your perfect match, device play with a live accuracy demonstration, how to keep your relationship fun and adventurous, and insight to take your relationship to the next level.

  20. Studio 2

    Cooking Raw AND Vegan At Home - Yes It's Possible!

    Cristina Archila Instructor and Chef, Matthew Kenney Cuisine

    Learn how to cook in this live class with Cristina Archila, chef and instructor at the Matthew Kenney Cuisine Academy, and see why some call raw-vegan "the future of food."

  21. Main Stage

    Raising the 2020 Family

    Within five short years, mobile technology has shattered the conventions of how families relate and how the new generation will develop. Join this fascinating panel discussion with Dr. Tanya Altmann, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, Dr. Alan Greene, and Chef Katie Chin, on new parenting needs, healthy uses of technology, and connections with our loved ones in the new digital age.

  22. Studio 1

    The WaveShape Workout with Adam Rosante

    Adam Rosante Celebrity Fitness Trainer, The People's Bootcamp

    Get bikini / board short ready with Adam Rosante named one of Self Magazine's sexiest trainers in the country and founder of The People's Bootcamp. The WaveShape Workout is a unique, hard core workout regimen that incorporates a range of surf simulated positions and exercises. Expect to sweat while you're taken on a results-driven fitness ride that will help you achieve your bikini or boardshort ready body, year round. Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, towel and wear your workout gear.

  23. Main Stage

    Demo: OMsignal

    Stéphane Marceau Co-Founder, OMsignal

    Finally, wearables you want to wear! Check out the latest from OMsignal, apparel that continuously tracks your biometrics to help you connect to a fitter, healthier, happier you!

  24. Main Stage

    Demo: MyBreath

    Breathe easier with the latest tech from MyBreath with President and Founder Nirinjan Yee.

  25. Main Stage

    Your Health, Your Life, Your Way

    Medicine is changing - for the better. It has never been more accessible, more tailored to your needs, or more driven by your desires. Find out how with Ramin Bastani, founder of Hula, Sara Reistad-Long from ZocDoc, Tom Lee of OneMedical, Jesse Slade Shantz the Chief Medical Officer at OMsignal, and Doug Hirsch, CEO of GoodRx.

  26. Studio 2

    Meditation Made Easy with Charlie Knoles

    Charlie Knoles Meditation Teacher, The Veda Center

    Gain the techniques to experience more energy and inner-peace anywhere or anytime you need it!

    In this class you'll be shown the underlying unity of all types of meditation from around the globe and how they all create at least one of the four phases of the mind: Awareness, Focus, Self Discovery and Energy. The class includes information about each of the four phases and instruction in the simplest methods for experiencing them.

  27. Studio 1

    BioBeats Digital DJ Set - See You On The Dance Floor!

    Ever wonder what your heart is doing while you're dancing? Find out and shake it out with BioBeats in this live digital dance party!

  28. Main Stage

    Demo: Dario

    Dr. Oren Fuerst, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Dario, lets you interact with Dario, a diabetes management system for people who lead a modern, active lifestyle.

  29. Main Stage

    The Future of Food

    Join Ashley Koff, RD, Joe Cross, founder of Reboot with Joe, Jason Langheier, CEO of Zipongo, And innovator Rainbeau Mars, for an insiders look into what healthy eating in the 21st century can look like done right. Nothing is more important to health than food and these experts will be sharing their tips on how to make eating for a healthier future as easy, affordable and straightforward as possible!

  30. Studio 1

    BollyBlast with Hemalayaa Behl

    Hemalayaa Behl Yogini, Veria Living

    In this special class with Hemalayaa, host of Veria Living TV's BollyBlast, combines dance, empowering sounds and emotional release tools to remove the obstacles to perfect health and abundant joy. This involves integrating all aspects of ourselves and not leaving out, repressing, or denying parts that we might not like, such as anger, grief, sadness, resentments, and fears. We must learn to move, breathe, and make sounds to allow our natural energies to flow freely again. This freed-up energy brings us into a state of being fully alive and awake. This not only feels incredible, it is essential to our evolution as conscious beings.. Get ready to be liberated!

  31. Studio 2

    The Mantras of HealthcareDIY

    Jane Sarasohn-Kahn Health Economist , Health Populi

    Learn the real story about health care reform: DIY Health Care has the power to help us move the needle on our own health and health costs, as well as those of our loved ones and community. Jane, one of the foremost health care economists in the world, will explain why do it yourself healthcare is important today and answer your questions live!

  32. Main Stage

    Reboot with Joe Cross!

    Joe Cross CEO and Founder, Reboot with Joe

    The one and only Joe Cross, star and creator of the film "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and founder of the famous Reboot with Joe detox program, will share his incredible life story from death's door to leading a health revolution for people across America. Do not miss this chance to meet Joe and hear his unbelievable experience.


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