Kevin Callahan is the Co-Founder of MapMyFitness, an app used by fitness enthusiasts and a few fit Health 2.0 employees to quantify their health and wellness. As Co-Founder of a growing company, Kevin analyzes and identifies global trends in technology, health, and fitness while leading initiatives to cultivate and drive innovation across the organization. At HxRefactored Kevin traces how he first entered the health data scene and how developers and designers can avoid some of the mistakes he first made.

In his words, the session description:

This panel will address data infrastructure and how to scale efficiently. As a platform that is more than doubling in user base (and activity) YOY, MapMyFitness has build a sustainable platform that provides more than 22 million users worldwide access to the information they want in a simple, rewarding way. In the company’s early years, health care providers such as Humana and Discovery were the first major partners to recognize the importance of fitness data and built a community on top of our software that opened the door to their members as well. Now every major brand from Coca-Cola to Purina Dog Food is seeing the value of this data and how they can tap in to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through interactive digital tools. As a new addition to the Under Armour family, the company will look to move past just steps and miles, and more into your daily story of activity. Kevin Callahan will address what challenges lie ahead for presenting data in a compelling way, and the opportunities as a brand to be a leader in Connected Fitness.