Scanning, Catalyzing, Analyzing…

Since 2007, Health 2.0 has catalyzed, tracked, and showcased the connected mobile, web, and cloud revolution in health information technology. Our unique industry positioning and experience has given us an unrivaled depth of knowledge in the Health 2.0 space. We leverage that knowledge to help you understand what’s coming next in health technology and how best to benefit. The comprehensive Health 2.0 Source Database serves as the foundation of our intelligence offerings, which are available for individual purchase or in three distinct packages: learn, track, and connect.


A team with deep and broad experience. Connections we leverage across the industry. A relentless focus on health care innovation. All supported by the most valuable company database in Health 2.0. Our consulting unit delivers unique, in depth, research-based analysis and recommendations.


Reports and analytics services which track, map, and interpret the health innovation landscape. We leverage the most comprehensive company database and the strongest data-collection team in Health 2.0. Our expert network enriches our analysis and puts our research to the test.

Health 2.0 Source

A powerful resource and search tool for detailed information on more than 2,500 companies and products operating within the Health 2.0 space. Our rigorous categorization schema and proprietary analysis provides a framework for users to develop an informed understanding of the space.

Intelligence Offerings

Health 2.0 captures the broadest and newest swath of players in the space, giving us an unrivaled depth of knowledge in the space.

This year marks the launch of a line of intelligence products available for purchase. The Health 2.0 Market Intelligence offerings leverage our industry experience and unique positioning in the space to help you understand what’s coming next in health technology and how best to benefit.Get in touch to learn more.