OrganizedWisdom Storms the Waiting Room!

OrganizedWisdom is one of the more innovative Health 2.0 content and search companies. The dynamic duo behind OW’s success, Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, just pulled off an interesting coup by getting the company’s WisdomCards into the ubiquitous Readers’ Digest magazines that fill every doctor’s office.

I caught up with Steve and Unity yesterday where they told me about the deal, their new board member (former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin) and what they’re expecting to come next.

  • John Sharp

    can hear Matthew, can't hear the people he is interviewing

    • Deb Linton

      Hi John – Thanks for the feedback – The audio is divided between the left and right channel (Matthew recorded on the left Steven and Unity recorded on the right) Is your right speaker or headphone working?

    • Deb Linton

      John – We just re-posted a mono-version of the recording. Thanks again for the helpful tip!

    • Matthew Holt

      Shouldn't that be how all my interviews are, John? OK OK we fixed it (converted to mono)