RWJF Challenge is Changing How Consumers Choose Health Insurance

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is back with another exciting challenge. As a result of health insurance exchanges, the market for health insurance is shifting towards orienting sales directly to consumers. The exchanges offers more choices to consumers with considerable … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Success: Exclusive Interview with uMotif Co-Founder, Bruce Hellman

Written By: ZPB Associates Since appearing at the Health 2.0 Europe conference in London in 2013, uMotif has enjoyed large-scale deployment into the NHS in England. We caught up with the company’s Co-Founder Bruce Hellman, to find out more. Your … Continue reading

News & Updates

New York-Presbyterian Hospital is renting space at the Blueprint Health accelerator, installing its own computers and servers at the accelerator’s SoHo offices to create an “innovation space.” The hospital says it is also open to commercializing technologies developed by Blueprint’s startups. … Continue reading

News & Updates

Epion Health, a SaaS patient engagement platform provider, raised $4.5M in Series A funding from Deerfield Management. Epion replaces clipboards and paper forms with iPads, and fully integrates with electronic health record and practice management systems. is an integrated … Continue reading

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Close to 100 Indiana high school football players will wear impact-detecting sensors on their helmets during an upcoming all-star game. If a player takes a hard hit on the field, a red light will turn on, alerting officials that the … Continue reading

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Misfit Wearables, makers of the wearable tracker Shine, is collaborating with a Finnish sleep analysis company Beddit. The move pairs Beddit’s thin, unobstrusive sleep monitor, which fits under a mattress, with Misfit’s tracking app for iOS and Android networks. MediSafe … Continue reading

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Validic, a technology company that creates digital health ecosystems, acquired Infometers Inc., a company that connects remote health care monitoring devices to the health care system. This acquisition increases Validic’s digital health ecosystem by 44% enabling Validic clients’ greater access … Continue reading

Microsoft: Transform The Way Healthcare is Delivered

Written By: Paul Ehrlich, M.D., Dr. Scott Boyle, and Hanan Lavy (Microsoft Ventures) In the past century, medicine has gone from a largely unscientific trade where noxious drugs were given to patients to purge them of unknown toxins to a science … Continue reading

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Launches New Developer Challenge!

We’re happy to announce our newest challenge: Technology for CF Life Transitions Challenge Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive disease, which causes the buildup of mucus in vital organs. Unfortunately, there is no cure and patients are faced with increasingly … Continue reading

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EarlySense, a provider of contact free monitoring solutions, received market clearance by the FDA for its Chair Sensor Solution. It is a contact free sensor that continuously monitors a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and movement, and enables clinical staff … Continue reading

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Breezie, a UK-based personalized web system designed for people who are less familiar with digital technology, easily exceeded their £1,008,000 fundraising goal on CrowdBnk. Apple periodically lists apps for particular people, and even with their new Health app, Apple recently … Continue reading

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