Care Coordination Challenge Competitors Advance to Phase II

Earlier this year, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs launched the Care Coordination for Improved Outcomes Challenge. This competition is an effort to crowdsource algorithm based solutions that will pinpoint gaps and conflicts in patient treatment plans. The goal is for … Continue reading

Health 2.0: Exclusive Interview with Gregory Orr, Senior Director of Digital Health at Walgreens

Walgreens is back! Gregory Orr, Senior Director of Digital Health at Walgreens gives an overview of how Walgreens has been implementing digital health into their health program in-store and online through partnerships. Emily Hagerman, Senior Producer of Health 2.0, had … Continue reading

New conference targets sleep technology

The organizers of an upcoming mHealth conference are hoping it’ll be a snooze. Really. The National Sleep Foundation’s newly formed Sleep Technology Council (STC) will hold its first-ever Sleep Technology Summit & Expo this October, alongside the 9th Annual Health 2.0 conference. And they’re … Continue reading

Global Survey Finds Majority of Healthcare Organizations Are Lagging Behind in Digital Health Strategy

Most healthcare organizations have yet to implement or successfully launch a digital health strategy, but many show progress. DURHAM, NC – Validic, the healthcare industry’s leading digital health platform, revealed today the results from a global survey of healthcare organizations. … Continue reading

5 Ways Health 2.0 is Changing Care Delivery

Some people think Health 2.0 is purely a consumer movement, but its roots are as firmly grounded in health care systems and provider workflows as they are in sleek new consumer devices and well-designed fitness apps. Now more than ever, … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Exclusive Interview: Robin Thurston, Chief Digital Officer of Under Armour

Introducing Under Armour! Robin Thurston, Chief Digital Officer of Under Armour provides insight into the acquisition and partnership happenings with Under Armour and major trends in the consumer digital wellness space. Emily Hagerman, Senior Producer of Health 2.0, was given … Continue reading

The Health 2.0 Breakfast Club

What better way to start the Fall Conference than by socializing and having breakfast with the top investors in Silicon Valley? Fall 2015 Attendees can apply for a spot at the Exclusive Investor Breakfast, and form connections with Qualcomm Ventures, … Continue reading

TMC Biodesign: From Problem to Product in One-Year

TMC Biodesign is a paid, one-year Fellowship program that brings together highly accomplished innovators from engineering, coding, medicine, business, and design to create novel digital health and device solutions for healthcare’s greatest unmet needs. Our Fellows are provided unprecedented clinical … Continue reading

3 Major Partners Unite to Serve Underserved Communities

Health disparities are all tracked through data. However, once we have the data and the health disparity is known, the million dollar question remains, “what is a strategy to reduce these disparities?” Social entrepreneurship takes the next step to find … Continue reading

Traction: Health 2.0’s Leading Startup Competition in Health Tech

Who will be the Startup Champion of Fall 2015? As the middle of the year approaches, the startup funding in digital health amounts to a total of 2.2 billion. It is definitely slower progress compared to last year’s blowup of … Continue reading

How to re-energise every employee in your health startup

Go find a good designer and ask them if design research is important. Sorry if I just made you subjected to a verbal tirade. There’s a reason why designers become so passionate about talking to real users. It creates better … Continue reading

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