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Epion Health, a SaaS patient engagement platform provider, raised $4.5M in Series A funding from Deerfield Management. Epion replaces clipboards and paper forms with iPads, and fully integrates with electronic health record and practice management systems. Galen.me is an integrated … Continue reading

What About Big Pharma & Hospitals In The Digital Health Landscape?

By Kim Krueger In a young and volatile digital health world, the relative absence of a pharmaceutical presence could be understood. Slow moving, highly regulated drug companies had reason to wait and see before jumping into the risk of the … Continue reading

Mountain Biking, Hot Tubs, and Breast Cancer

By Indu Subaiya, Edited By Kim Krueger Marin consistently ranks as one of the healthiest counties in the United States. In a national study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the affluent … Continue reading

Thinking Out Loud About A New Approach To Digital Health Innovation – PART 3

Note To Reader - Today I’m publishing Part 3 of my blog series on digital health innovation.  I published Part 1 and Part 2 of the series recently and will be publishing a fourth “bonus” piece (with the idea I’d like to pursue) early next … Continue reading

Thinking Out Loud About A New Approach To Digital Health Innovation – PART 2

Note To Reader - Today I’m publishing Part 2 of my blog series on digital health innovation. I published Part 1 of the series recently (and was then taken offline by a painful hard drive failure) and will publish the next piece sometime … Continue reading

Parking Tickets, Covered Oregon, and The User Experience

By Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman, Health 2.0 Last week I got a parking ticket due to failing to use the SF parking meter system, but really it wasn’t my fault. I was in a rush, I put my credit card in, … Continue reading

Thinking Out Loud About A New Approach To Digital Health Innovation – PART 1

Note To Reader – As some of you know I recently left Health 2.0 after a great three year run. Over the last few weeks I’ve spent time reflecting on my experiences and thinking about the future of digital health. This piece, … Continue reading

Will eClinicalWorks Win the Race to “Engage” the Patient?

Patient engagement, for better or worse, is one of those buzzwords that won’t be leaving us anytime soon. A whole slew of companies use it to describe their products, platforms, and services, but we’re still knee deep in marketing jargon … Continue reading

The Clintons: Like Mother, Like Daughter

By Kim Krueger & Sophie Park Sports commercial aficionados will know the one: a booming Morgan Freeman-esque voice over frames sports greatness with the metaphor of “lightning striking twice”. The Manning brothers, the Williams sisters…I’m sure the list goes on, … Continue reading

Join us June 11th at Healthy Communities Data Summit

Healthy Communities Data Summit’s date has changed! In order to include more partnerships, speaking opportunities, and audience participation we have moved the date of Healthy Communities Data Summit to June 11th at the Grand Horizons Ballroom on the UCLA campus. … Continue reading

Three Trends You’ve Never Heard About That are Shaping the Future of Wearables

Those of you paying attention, know that health care has just begun to grapple with the implications of the mobile revolution. Yet, another mega technology trend is already poised to radically transform health and wellness: the emergence of wearable technologies, … Continue reading

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