Solving the Health Puzzle: Can Wearables Actually Disrupt the Health Industry

With consumers showing more interest in tracking everything from sleep patterns to blood pressure, it’s no surprise that wearables are gaining the lion’s share of attention in the digital health space. Even employers are providing wearables to staff as part of … Continue reading

Will eClinicalWorks Win the Race to “Engage” the Patient?

Patient engagement, for better or worse, is one of those buzzwords that won’t be leaving us anytime soon. A whole slew of companies use it to describe their products, platforms, and services, but we’re still knee deep in marketing jargon … Continue reading

The Clintons: Like Mother, Like Daughter

By Kim Krueger & Sophie Park Sports commercial aficionados will know the one: a booming Morgan Freeman-esque voice over frames sports greatness with the metaphor of “lightning striking twice”. The Manning brothers, the Williams sisters…I’m sure the list goes on, … Continue reading

Join us June 11th at Healthy Communities Data Summit

Healthy Communities Data Summit’s date has changed! In order to include more partnerships, speaking opportunities, and audience participation we have moved the date of Healthy Communities Data Summit to June 11th at the Grand Horizons Ballroom on the UCLA campus. … Continue reading

Three Trends You’ve Never Heard About That are Shaping the Future of Wearables

Those of you paying attention, know that health care has just begun to grapple with the implications of the mobile revolution. Yet, another mega technology trend is already poised to radically transform health and wellness: the emergence of wearable technologies, … Continue reading

Going Into The Mainstream: The Health Utility Layer

There’s lots of excitement about Health 2.0 growing up. Partly this means sensible people realizing that the term mHealth (and for that matter Digital Health) shouldn’t be separated from actual health and health care. Instead we should be recognizing that … Continue reading

NHS England Captures Transparent and Actionable data in Health

Tim Kelsey and Geraint Lewis of NHS England gave a Double Keynote at Health 2.0 Europe this November on the changing role of big data in England’s health care system. Tim Kelsey led the keynote in an impassioned call to action … Continue reading

Digital Health Needs You! Five Ways the NHS Can Help Digital Health Innovators

By Ben Heubl and Nick Saalfeld London has just hosted the 4th annual Health 2.0 Europe conference, highlighting the latest innovations in digital and data-driven health. European entrepreneurs and innovators in health tech are particularly fond of the NHS: it offers … Continue reading

HealthLoop: A Health 2.0 Story

HealthLoop, Inc. has been developing a feedback system that creates a communication loop between patients and providers, to help keep track of the treatment progress in between clinic visits. This ‘loop’ consists of reminders, questions and care instructions based on … Continue reading

A Global Movement Prepping For Lift Off

By Matthew Holt I’ve been a busy world traveler lately. The focus of the health care tech and policy crowd in the US has been on the fix to one high visibility website. Before I talk about the rest of … Continue reading

Worldone+Sermo’s next steps

Worldone+Sermo is the combination created last year of physician research company Worldone Interactive and the physician community Sermo. Sermo was an early Health 2.0 favorite that somewhat lost its way with both its early business model and a dive into … Continue reading

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