Chelsea Clinton & US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy speak at Fall Conference 2015

Chelsea Clinton got the 9th Annual Fall Conference on the right foot sharing the numerous successes of the Clinton Foundation including improving school lunches, providing antiretroviral therapy to millions of people living with HIV worldwide, and advancing women’s health. The … Continue reading

NYS Health Commissioner , Dr. Nirav Shah Calls for Developers to Use Open Data and Improve Healthcare Decision Making

New York State is buzzing about open data. The Open NY Initiative, championed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, is an effort to make government more open, more innovative and more cost effective. Building on the energy of this movement The New … Continue reading

Interviews of Key Players in the Allscripts Open App Challenge, Part 3

We conclude our Allscripts Open App Challenge participant interview series with a chat with Allscripts’ Chief Innovation Officer, Stanley Crane, who gives us insights into Allscripts’ openness strategy. Stanley is the Chief Innovation Officer at Allscripts in charge of driving Allscripts’ open innovation … Continue reading

Worldone+Sermo’s next steps

Worldone+Sermo is the combination created last year of physician research company Worldone Interactive and the physician community Sermo. Sermo was an early Health 2.0 favorite that somewhat lost its way with both its early business model and a dive into … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Fall Conference 2013: Big Data: Tools and Applications for Individuals Session

Moderated by Indu Subaiya, Big Data: Tools and Applications for Individuals showcased the technology companies are creating to harness consumer data in order to make more informed decisions regarding health care. Anthony Begando represented SEER Health as the session sponsor. … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Fall Conference 2013: 3 CEOs Session

CEO of WorldOne Peter Kirk introduced the session with an inspiring video and speech as the session sponsor. The 3 CEOs panel included back to back interviews of CEOs about how their companies are growing within the Health 2.0 world. … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Fall Conference 2013: The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions Session

The new health care environment is continually moving into the hands of the individual consumer.  The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions, co-moderated by Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt, addressed the issues and benefits of the integration of consumer … Continue reading

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Connects Politics and Health Care

Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, kicked off the conference by giving a lively keynote covering the intersection of health care and technology.  As health care systems become further integrated, and technology becomes a necessity, the population is as hyperconnected … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Co-Founders Address How to Adapt to a New World of Health Care and the Problems it Encompasses

Health 2.0 co-founders Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya gave separate keynote speeches Tuesday morning to set the tone for the day. Holt began by giving an overview of the rapidly changing world of health care and his advice for the … Continue reading

Medical Informatics Officer John Mattison on the Kaiser Roadmap

At Kaiser Permanente, it’s possible for an optometrist to help a patient detect her early stage breast cancer. In this video John Mattison, MD, chief medical informatics officer of Kaiser Permanente, Southern California, explains how. Mattison appeared this past spring at … Continue reading

IDEO’s Gretchen Wustrack: Lead with Love

Designer Gretchen Wustrack recently delivered a talk called “Lead with Love to Engage Patients in Their Health” at Health:Refactored, Health 2.0′s conference for designers and developers. Wustrack is the lead for Active Health, a branch of IDEO that develops products … Continue reading

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