Health 2.0 Annual Report – Enterprise

NOTE: This price point is an enterprise license for the Health 2.0 Annual Report and entitles the purchaser to share the report with their entire organization within a single country. To share the Report with an even wider audience, please contact Kim.  

The Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference is recognized as the premier B2B conference in health technology and gathers around 2,000 of the leading stakeholders in health care each fall. A core part of the conference is showcasing emerging technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change the way care is delivered.  The conference highlights over 150 new technologies that fit within the 19 different segments of solutions we define as Health 2.0.

The annual report, issued shortly following the Annual Fall Conference, contains profiles of all the conference demos, explaining who these companies are, what their product or service does, why they were chosen to demo, and the larger health technology trends they reflect. The report also contains additional analytic and editorial content from Health 2.0 co-founders Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt.


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