Health Tech Trends

Tech Trend Reports

Learn more about a specific market segment, trend, or topic with Health 2.0’s deep dive tech trend reports. These six to ten page documents, issued once every two months over the course of a year, contain a quantitative analysis of the Health 2.0 space based on the ever-growing Health 2.0 Source database as well as our take on the big picture trends in health care innovation. Trends are generally scoped over the course of the year based on the excitement and buzz generated at our Annual Fall Conference. As part of a bundled intelligence package, these reports are designed to be interactive and customized to align with your particular interests in the Health 2.0 space.

Currently available reports include:

  • Data Security
  • EMR Usability
  • Trackers
  • Blue Button and Patient Data Liberation
  • Modular Applications, Platforms, and the Health Interface Layer
  • Opening APIs, SaaS EMRs, and the iPad

Upcoming reports include:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Compliance Management for Patients
  • Chronic Disease Management and Online Behavioral Change Platforms
  • The Evolving Doctor-Patient Relationship in a Digital World



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