Bootstrapped Basecamp – High Boy Exhibition Hall Table

Join our Exhibition hall at our Bootstrapped Basecamp where you will have a private space to exhibit your technology! This is a great opportunity for companies with under $2M in funding to get great traction and visibility in front of our audience.

What’s provided at the Bootstrapped Base:

- Great space in our Exhibit Hall, September 22-24th
- A marketing audience of 2,200 health care investors and innovators
- A high boy table – 42″ inches tall.
- Table linen
- Wifi
- 1 Full Conference Pass (We want you to attend the sessions as well!)

What you should bring:

- A Small Sign for your table
- Your technology: i.e. Laptop, iPhones, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc.
- Power Supply

Note: By purchasing a station at the Bootstrapped Base you acknowledge that you have less than $2 Million in aggregate funding. With your purchase you agree that if you do not meet the criteria, you will not be reimbursed and you will be ineligible to exhibit at the Bootstrapped Basecamp. 




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