Mind & Body: Wellness Tools and Apps Session

Improving your physical and mental health is literally in your hands. With hundreds of trackers and monitoring tools bursting onto the health technology market, we made sure to pick the beautifully designed and effective wellness tools out there. These devices … Continued

The Opening Night Curtain Raiser

Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya introduce the agenda for the first day of the Health 2.0 2011 San Diego Spring Fling. Also, all six Fireside Chats: 6 interviewers, 6 interviewees, in conversation on our comfy couches. Each takes a turn … Continued

Behavior Change, Health 2.0, and The Unmentionables

Sponsored by collaborative care solutions provider, Alere is a global leader in rapid diagnostic testing devices in health management solutions aimed and tailored for payers, employers, and care providers. This panel is moderated by Susannah Fox, with the Pew Internet … Continued