Employers 2.0: Employee Wellness Programs

Ever wonder what other employees are doing to keep health costs low while encouraging healthy habits, friendly co-worker competition and more? We’ve brought together a group to discuss the technology behind their wellness program and some will even bring along … Continued

Adam Bosworth Interviewed by Carleen Hawn

Adam Bosworth (KEAS), interviewed by Carleen Hawn (HealthSpottr) 3 CEOs and a President from companies transforming, and being transformed by Health 2.0, in conversations about the future of their businesses. Adam Bosworth is responsible for creating XML. AFter 25 years … Continued

Wellness 2.0, Prevention, Exercise & Food

One area where Health 2.0 technologies show great promise and some early market penetration is in tools for wellness. Employers, consumers, and even Medicare are now paying for programs and services that don’t look like traditional medical care, but may … Continued