Patient 2.0: The Patient Shark Tank

Patient communities are emerging as key influencers and disrupting the healthcare landscape. They are impacting strategies, policies, and setting the stage for new patient-centric innovations. Patients are now sought after thought leaders influencing the way healthcare systems think about and … Continued

Bridges Between Innovators and Hospitals for Care Transition Improvement

Care transitions will be increasingly important for patient care. At the same time, hospitals are undergoing a major transformation and could benefit from innovation that Health 2.0 companies bring to the care transition improvement market. But what do hospitals know … Continued

Demos In Context: Health 2.0 in the Clinical Setting

We’ll explore the tools, applications and devices that are stimulating communication between patients and providers to effectively educate patients, save time and increase adherence improving overall health outcomes.

Unmentionables: From Getting Down to Moving on

First introduced two years ago, the Unmentionables covers those topics that aren’t talked about in health care and has quickly become one of our most popular sessions. That first year we covered childhood exercise, divorce and personal relationships. In 2011 … Continued