Birds of a Feather: Online Patient Communities Session

This breakout brought together 5 companies focused on ending the isolation so often experienced alongside an illness. Through the development of online communities, patients can access new support groups, educational resources, and advice that was never available to them before. … Continued

The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions: Full Session

The new health care environment is continually moving into the hands of the individual consumer.  The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions, co-moderated by Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt, addressed the issues and benefits of the integration of consumer … Continued

Patients and Online Communities

The advancement and popularity of patient communities online is an international phenomenon. This panel examines communities in different cultures, languages and context, and shows what impact they have on care delivery in different countries-and what the internationalization of information means … Continued

Technology Showcase: Data Drive Decisions

The Data Drives Decision was moderated by Indu, with panel speakers such as Jamie Heywood (Co-Founder and Chairman, PatientsLikeMe), David Hale (Project Manager, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health), Hugo Stephenson (Chief Executive Officer and Founder, iGuard), Mark Walinske (Chief Executive Officer, … Continued

The Next Generation of Communities: Data Mining and Discovery Platforms

The Next Generation of Communities Online social networks in health are changing rapidly. Less than five years ago the transformation from simple bulletin boards and listservs was just underway. Now online communities are becoming robust tracking tools for longitudinal data … Continued