The Unmentionables

At the 8th Annual Fall Conference, the full Unmentionables session explored everything from purpose to sex to stress, and the ever growing importance of understanding these issues as they relate to our health. 

Research 2.0: What Research Brings to the Table

A panel discussion of the emerging research practices and findings that can inform Health 2.0 innovations. Some topics to be addressed: How can research work with companies to enhance health outcomes and business success? What do companies see as advantages … Continued

How are We Going to Make a Difference?

For more than a day the discussion has been about how health care can be cheaper, how Health 2.0 can advance research, and what to do about our national (and international crisis) with lifestyle induced disease. In the final session, … Continued

The Opening Night Curtain Raiser

Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya introduce the agenda for the first day of the Health 2.0 2011 San Diego Spring Fling. Also, all six Fireside Chats: 6 interviewers, 6 interviewees, in conversation on our comfy couches. Each takes a turn … Continued