Chronic Condition Management – Health Interactive@50+

From managing diabetes to obesity to hypertension, learn how smart monitoring technologies can ease the burden of complex care management for oneself or a loved one. This panel highlighted 4 companies that are revolutionizing how we coordinate care and maintain wellness … Continued

The World of Eric Topol: High Tech for Everyday Providers – Doctors 2.0

Dr. Eric Topol famously appeared on The Colbert Report in 2013 and essentially gave Colbert a check-up with his high tech tool box of connected devices. More than ever, these types of technologies are available to help doctors deliver more … Continued

The (Don’t Cringe Just Yet!) Patient Engagement Panel

Engaging patients in their health is a never ending battle, but often trusted providers are those best-positioned to make an impact. In this session, we saw tools that connect providers to their patients in a variety of ways to encourage … Continued

Tools for Collaboration – Doctors 2.0

Some of the best resources in the medical community are the doctors themselves. Providers gather specific knowledge through experience, and what better way to pool and leverage that knowledge than through cloud-based, data-driven Health 2.0 technologies. In this hour, we … Continued

Mind & Body: Wellness Tools and Apps

The applications leading this breakout reminded us that the ability to improve our physical and mental health is literally in our hands! Covering everything from exercise to sleep to mental positivity, these tools approach health by understanding and capturing data … Continued

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