Free the Data: Tools for Consumer Access and Ownership

The 5 tools in this breakout continued to add fire to the empowered patient movement. By enabling consumer data access at the tip of your fingers, the technology demonstrations highlighted here showcased the varied and encompassing ways we can all … Continued

New Landscape for Digital Diagnosis

By showcasing tools for providers and consumers, this breakout demonstrated the new ways in which both communities are reaching the proper diagnosis. By leveraging capabilities from our smartphones and tablets, these tools captured the future of diagnosis as it happens … Continued

Big Data Analytics for Population Health

Defined as the health outcomes of a group of individuals, population health has given rise to a flurry of analytic solutions driving hospitals and providers to understand big data in new ways. From visualizing risk to clinical efficiency, these platforms … Continued

Patient Communities Driving Health Care Enterprise

This breakout brought together 5 companies focused on ending the isolation so many experience alongside illness. These online patient communities use layers of data analytics to draw together patients with similar conditions, which in turn creates not only new friendships, … Continued

Genomics and the Future of Personalized Medicine

A handful of companies are blazing a trail from reactionary to proactive medicine in a number of ways. From leveraging genome sequencing on an individual basis, to manipulating big data to mine emerging conditions across entire populations, these companies are … Continued

Predictive Analytics for Hospitals

Hospitals, like a machine, need to be well oiled to run properly. While our comparison may be a bit… crude… we’ve seen the functionality of hospital administrative tools grow in new and expansive ways each quarter. This breakout addressed the … Continued

At Your Digital Door: Interfaces for Customized Care

Increasingly digital tools are engaging and interacting with our health in new ways. This breakout focused on how these interfaces provide health care in new ways -whether it be via telemedicine, digital health coaching, educational content, or care delivery.

Consumer Facing Tools – Traction Finalist Pitch

Consumer facing finalists Zest Health, Health Recovery Solution, Tiatros,, and the MediSafe Project each had 5 minutes to pitch their business plan followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from our panel of expert judges.

Provider Facing Tools – Traction Finalist Pitch

Provider facing finalists Tute Genomics, Share Practice, Chatr Health, Connexient, and Frame Health each had 5 minutes to pitch their business plan followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from our panel of expert judges.