Doctors 2.0: Care Automation – “Technologies To Deliver Care More Efficiently”

Compared to other major industries the health care industry has been slow to adopt technologies to make the delivery of care more efficient. Although the recent infusion of billions of dollars into health information technology by the federal government has … Continued

Doctors 2.0: Emerging Modes Of Patient-Provider Interaction – “Providing Care in New Ways”

Although progress is being made in addressing deficiencies in how care is delivered, the U.S. health care system is still a “broken” system from the perspective of many patients and providers. Many patients still find it difficult to access a … Continued

Employers 2.0: IncentOne

IncentOne delivers cost savings and health improvement by the use of incentives, combining solutions and science to drive both outcomes and participation-based behaviors. Something must be working as the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism selected Mike for their Industry Innovator Award in 2011.



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