Team Triangle

Dr. Daniel Karlin is a psychiatrist in Boston who is among the presenters of this mind-blowing demo created by Team Triangle. This team hacked into the xbox game Kinect uses technology to address the challenge of diagnosing hyperkinetic movement disorders … Continued


Team BlueMeter

Team Blue Meter, with Kaiser’s Dr. Ted Eaton and VIdentity’s CEO Alan Viars, among other team members, have built a product surrounding an idea around an energy resource and using it towards a consumer good of healthcare. Check out how this … Continued


Team Health Central

The health search and content company, Health Central, has thought outside of the box to create an app that marries available government data with their company data, and ties the two together using geo location, while attempting to gauge both active and … Continued


Team Maya

Team Maya presents results from the D.C. Code-A-Thon where they  addresses the issue of food desserts by creating a hub website where farmers and consumers can come together for affordable access to fresh food.


Team Wellness Garden

This large, multidisciplinary team has come together to collectively create a fully functioning android app that addresses the problem of human behavior. The app encourages switching over from addictions like cigarettes, fast food, and lack of exercise which lead to … Continued

Team Free Health

Team Free Health includes designers and innovators from Frog Design in partnership with Doc’s and Med students, who have created a tool for helping every american understand what health care they can get for free under the American Recovery and … Continued


Team School Records

These developer challenge winners were asked by the Lucille Packard Foundation to create a program that could get parents of children with special health needs more educated, empowered, and engaged.  Team School Records created a pilot for children with asthma … Continued

Making Health Care Cheaper

Inspired by a keynote we heard some time back from Mark Smith at California Health Care Foundation, and by the work of organizations such as West Wireless Health Institute, we’re going to push the envelope on how Health 2.0 technologies … Continued

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