Tools and Unplatforms Part 2: The Accelerator App Network

In 2010, with the increased complexity of moving data, technological solutions linking data in different systems while tackling the thorny issues of privacy, identity, and permissions became more important. This panel displayed some of those leading solutions and the many … Continued

In Conversation with 3 CEOs

3 CEOs from companies transforming, and being transformed by Health 2.0, in conversations about the future of their businesses. Jeff Arnold (CEO, Sharecar) is interviewed by Elizabeth Coen from CNN, Giovanni Colella (CEO, Castlight Health), is interviewed by  Claire Cain Miller from the … Continued

Funding and Incentives for Health 2.0

Funding models for health IT are changing. Incentive systems in mainstream health care may be too—but perhaps not fast enough. Listen to what several veteran technology entrepreneurs and VCs say about what’s needed for new opportunities and hear feedback from … Continued

Wellness 2.0 Panel

In this panel several speakers discuss issues of motivating patients to take control of their wellness. Gale Wilson Steele ( Founder & CEO, Health Media Syndicat), Joanne Frederick (President and CEO, Cybercis), Susan Lewis (CEO, Chiza), Vinay Gidwaney (CTO and Co-Founder, … Continued

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