Patients 2.0: Medstartr

Attempting to crowdfund his own health tech startup,, Alex found that no platform supported health related projects. Never one to sit back and ignore a problem, he and co-founder Mike Pence (ex Kickstarter) created, the first crowdfunding platform designed for … Continued



Patient 2.0: The Patient Shark Tank

Patient communities are emerging as key influencers and disrupting the healthcare landscape. They are impacting strategies, policies, and setting the stage for new patient-centric innovations. Patients are now sought after thought leaders influencing the way healthcare systems think about and … Continued

The New Bankroll: Novel Mechanisms to fund a Health 2.0 Startup – Full Session

A Health 2.0 startup today has more options than ever when considering how to go about obtaining funding. There are health care crowd-funding sites, incubators, VCs and more! We’re bringing together speakers and demos from the various funding models to … Continued

The Next Generation of Provider Search

Technology is creating a whole new ability for consumers to be picky about their healthcare providers. Here a collection of panelists showcase their products and companies that seek to create a better connection between patients and doctors from the start. … Continued