Digital Doctors Lounge: Tools for Provider Workflow and Collaboration Session

The era of Pen and Paper Medical records is over! As we enter the Digital Doctor’s Lounge, we explore the latest methods in which physicians can engage technology to do everything from reviewing lab results to transcribing notes and comparing … Continued

Performance Clinical: Digital Doctors Lounge: Tools for Provider Workflow and Collaboration

An MD with a Harvard Public Health degree, Chris Johnson turned 4 years of experience installing CPOE systems into Performance Clinical. As an intuitive cloud-based checklist, documentation, and analytics platform, Symphony works as an extension to existing EMR systems to support physician workflows. It’s … Continued

Doctors 2.0: Care Automation – “Technologies To Deliver Care More Efficiently”

Compared to other major industries the health care industry has been slow to adopt technologies to make the delivery of care more efficient. Although the recent infusion of billions of dollars into health information technology by the federal government has … Continued

Health 2.0 Tools for Hospitals

On this panel a wide collection of medical professionals come together to discuss the latest technology for hospitals, and explain how their companies are seeking to improve efficiency and medical performance. Panelists include Matthew Browning (CEO,, Chris Johnson (Co-Founder and … Continued