Payers and Health 2.0

Speakers on this panel include Adam Lee, Chris Ohman, Daniel Kogan, Fred Goldstein, Ingrid Lindberg, Jerry Reeves, Karl Ulfers, Mohan Nair, and Nathan A. Moracco. Coming together to discuss money in the health care system, the diversity of the panel brings a wide range of medical management perspectives. 

U.S. Preventative Medicine

Fred Goldstein, President, U.S. Preventative Medicine  U.S. Preventive Medicine acquired Fred and his disease management company in 2007. Since then Fred has been getting great results for employers offering The Prevention Plan. It’s also working for Fred who’s now looking … Continued


Health 2.0 for Employers

Jenifer Benz is the founder and CEO of Benz Communications, a company helping employers communicate  healthcare benefits to their employees. Benz moderates a panel of product demos for a range of tools related to physical and behavioral health benefits. Tools … Continued