Health Care Marketplaces: Full Session

Shawn Lovering represented session sponsor Safeway Health. The Health Care Marketplaces session was moderated by Matthew Holt and covered topics like the newly launched state and federal exchanges, the impact on insurance plans and providers, and how to educate the … Continued

3 CEOs: Full Session

CEO of WorldOne Peter Kirk introduced the session with an inspiring video and speech from the session sponsor.  The 3 CEOs panel included back to back interviews of CEOs about how their companies are growing within the Health 2.0 world. … Continued

The Virtual Couch: Platforms for Online Mental Health – Full Session

In the US only one in three people with anxiety and depression seek help. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist & Management Consultant at THINK-Health, moderates a panel that covers emerging online mental health resources that can help bridge this gap. These demos … Continued

The Virtual Couch: Platforms for Online Mental Health – SilverCloud Health Demo

Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud Health, introduces us to their new technology platform that enables healthcare professionals/organisations to rapidly create and deliver a broad range of engaging computerised therapeutic/wellness programmes to their clients across a single platform. SilverCloud can be delivered as … Continued