Big Data: Tools and Applications for Individuals: Full Session

Moderated by Indu Subaiya, Big Data: Tools and Applications for Individuals showcased the technology companies are creating to harness consumer data in order to make more informed decisions regarding health care.  Anthony Begando represented SEER Health as the session sponsor. … Continued

Research 2.0: MedHelp

MedHelp is a web-based online health community that has big user numbers, big name partners and lots of organic growth with–as John often points out–no bought traffic. In recent years they’ve included trackers for multiple conditions and now have over 4 million … Continued



Fireside Chats

We brought back our popular Fireside Chat session from the 2011 San Diego Spring Fling! Each discussion is linked to the next.  You’ll get 15 minute bursts of thought provoking, and possibly controversial conversations!


In Conversation with 3 CEOs

3 CEOs from companies transforming, and being transformed by Health 2.0, in conversations about the future of their businesses. Jeff Arnold (CEO, Sharecar) is interviewed by Elizabeth Coen from CNN, Giovanni Colella (CEO, Castlight Health), is interviewed by  Claire Cain Miller from the … Continued