The New Role of Pharma In Improving Outcomes

Health 2.0 companies have brought in much needed tools to make navigating the Pharma industry easier. With complex databases allowing users greater transparency of drug costs and interactions, as well as new tools for increasing adherence, the world of Pharma … Continued


Empowering Patients Session – Health 2.0 Europe

This session demonstrated how patient centered tools, technologies and design are helping patients take control over their health for better outcomes and communication with providers. Leaders in the patient movement, Maria Gjerpe and Charlie Young addressed the audience with their … Continued


Not Your Mother’s Health 2.0 Panel

One of our most popular sessions, Not Your Mother’s Health 2.0, covers those health care issues often ignored due to stigma. This session covers everything from sex, to sleep, to drug use, to stress. Demonstrations from SnoreLab, Breaking Free Online … Continued


Health 2.0 Tools for Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors and hospitals are the front line for providing the best care so it only makes sense they should be using the best tools available. This panel session offers a look at the newest range of tools from workflow and … Continued


3 CEOs: Full Session

CEO of WorldOne Peter Kirk introduced the session with an inspiring video and speech from the session sponsor.  The 3 CEOs panel included back to back interviews of CEOs about how their companies are growing within the Health 2.0 world. … Continued

The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions: Full Session

The new health care environment is continually moving into the hands of the individual consumer.  The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions, co-moderated by Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt, addressed the issues and benefits of the integration of consumer … Continued

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