From Global Data to Unique Decisions – Part 2: Health Professionals

Physicians and health professionals increasingly use web, mobile and social technologies to share medical information, teach medical students, and collaborate on research projects or patient cases. This session showcases platforms and tools that allow health professionals to tap into a … Continued

Health 2.0 transforming hospitals and physicians’ practices: Whittington Health

Caroline is here to show us Whittington Health Matters, a visually engaging, real-time view of patient reported data with clinical information that enables physicians to provide personalized recommendations and guidance. Caroline co-wrote Whittington’s Health Quality Account and was recently nominated … Continued

From Global Data to Unique Decisions – Part 2: Health Professionals: Directorate-General of Health

Under the auspices of the DGH and with the support of the WHO, Sophia developed the ePORTUGUESe platform to support the development of human resources for health in Portuguese-speaking member states. The platform ultimately facilitates collaboration among the participating institutions, … Continued