The Virtual Couch: Platforms for Online Mental Health – Full Session

In the US only one in three people with anxiety and depression seek help. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist & Management Consultant at THINK-Health, moderates a panel that covers emerging online mental health resources that can help bridge this gap. These demos … Continued

Fireside Chats

We brought back our popular Fireside Chat session from the 2011 San Diego Spring Fling! Each discussion is linked to the next.  You’ll get 15 minute bursts of thought provoking, and possibly controversial conversations!

Health 2.0 for Employers

Jenifer Benz is the founder and CEO of Benz Communications, a company helping employers communicate  healthcare benefits to their employees. Benz moderates a panel of product demos for a range of tools related to physical and behavioral health benefits. Tools … Continued