The Unmentionables

At the 8th Annual Fall Conference, the full Unmentionables session explored everything from purpose to sex to stress, and the ever growing importance of understanding these issues as they relate to our health. 

Unmentionables: Full Session

The Unmentionables panel, moderated by Alex Drane of Eliza, is a place for those companies whose topics simply are not often discussed in health care.  This year vulnerability, care-giving, death, sex, stress, and drinking were addressed from companies including Cigna, … Continued

Patients and Online Communities

The advancement and popularity of patient communities online is an international phenomenon. This panel examines communities in different cultures, languages and context, and shows what impact they have on care delivery in different countries-and what the internationalization of information means … Continued

The Patient is In – Part 1

Are Health 2.0 tools and technologies making a difference for patients and if so, how? We set out in summer 2009 to track some patients as they used Health 2.0 services managing their health and everyday lives. We’ll see them … Continued