Digital Doctors Lounge: Tools for Provider Workflow and Collaboration Session

The era of Pen and Paper Medical records is over! As we enter the Digital Doctor’s Lounge, we explore the latest methods in which physicians can engage technology to do everything from reviewing lab results to transcribing notes and comparing … Continued

Team Finland Session

An overview of Finnish health IT, gamification, wellness/fitness and bio IT companies including pitches and demos from: Wellness Foundry, Mendor, Laturi Corporation, Health Puzzle, Premia Solutions, RecoApp, EPID Research, Serious Games Finland, CoreFOX, SportSetter, and Relaxbirth.

Improving the Inpatient Experience: Tools for Hospitals Session

With doctors visits limited to 15 minutes a patient, patient satisfaction is at an all time low. As interaction between practitioner and patient dwindles, rates of readmission rise, producing a costly and cyclical health care problem. This breakout aimed to … Continued

Employers 2.0: Purchasing and Population Management Session

Navigating the waters of purchasing can be very tricky, but the tools this session displayed, aimed at both employer and employee education, make it easier than ever before. In the same vein, managing a group of employees, especially with the … Continued

Doctors 2.0: Quality and Safety Improvement Issues Session

In the midst of the constantly shifting landscape of healthcare, there is a strong and central focus on the quality of care delivered to patients. For physicians, this focus is paramount to the work they do. Patient engagement, hospital structure, … Continued

Around the World Session

NIraj Katwala represented Healthline as the session sponsor. The session began with the “Rising Stars” segment, moderated by Indu Subaiya.  Indu curated a panel focused entirely on a generation of young entrepreneurs in health technology, thus called “rising stars.”  Featured … Continued

Machine Learning in Complex Data Session

David Kale from the USC Computer Science Department moderated the session “Machine Learning in Complex Medical Data”.  Medical Data exemplifies the “5 V’s” of Big Data: volume, velocity, veracity, variety, and value.  The session brought three expert panelists to address … Continued

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