Walgreens Sponsored Session: Population Health

There has been tremendous discussion of the value of shared health information. In this session viewers learn how two organizations with national footprints were able to quickly implement the sharing of immunization records through the Ehealth Exchange. This panel discussed … Continued

Hacking Gamification and Driving Behavior Change Session

Inspiring behavior change in others can be very hard to do. We all know this because we were all stubborn teenagers at one point. However, there are some companies driving behavior change very effectively. They are using fun and engaging … Continued

The Virtual Couch: Platforms for Online Mental Health Session

As rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, and other mental health conditions continue to rise, the medical community has done its job to diagnose and prescribe solutions. While this solution is just, the health tech community has gone farther to address … Continued

Care Teams for the Community: Patient-Provider Communication Session

The relationship between patient and provider determines many health outcomes. When communication between these two parties is convoluted or compromised health conditions can worsen dramatically. Through a variety of windows, technology companies are creating new and effective ways for practitioners … Continued

Connecting the Dots: Tools for Extended Care Teams Session

When doctors and nurses are not available most of our health teams become refocused to our families and community. Just like practitioners, these health coordinators- parents, children, aunts & uncles, friends- need tools to help maintain the health of the … Continued

Searching and Buying in the Marketplace Session

October 1st marked the first day that not only Covered California marketplace opened but the entire nation’s health care market. As close to 54 Million American citizens become insured, the challenge is how to make sure these individuals are getting … Continued

Big Data: Tools and Applications for Transforming Care: Full Session

Kerry McDermott represented session sponsor West Health and opened the session “Big Data: Tools and Applications for Transforming Care.” Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya moderated the panel of speakers who presented how their respective companies are addressing the integration of … Continued

The New Landscape for Digital Diagnosis & Health Management Session

If the technology industry has taught us anything it’s that there is no one way to do something correctly. When applying this mentality to medicine, technology innovators began to find new, creative, and cost effective ways of diagnosing patients. Now … Continued

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