Improving and Enriching the Patient-Provider Relationship – Europe 2013

The first panel of the Europe 2013 conference discusses the relationship between the doctor and the patient, and how this interaction is changing with patients’ growing utilization of self management tools. Complimentary perspectives from a local doctor and a patient, … Continued


Sensors and Tracking: Quantifying the Self and Listening to your Body

This session invites some of the latest trackers and wearable sensors to demonstrate how enhanced monitoring of the heart rate, steps, and breath can lead to a healthier life.


Not Your Mother’s Health 2.0 Panel

One of our most popular sessions, Not Your Mother’s Health 2.0, covers those health care issues often ignored due to stigma. This session covers everything from sex, to sleep, to drug use, to stress. Demonstrations from SnoreLab, Breaking Free Online … Continued


Around the World Session

NIraj Katwala represented Healthline as the session sponsor. The session began with the “Rising Stars” segment, moderated by Indu Subaiya.  Indu curated a panel focused entirely on a generation of young entrepreneurs in health technology, thus called “rising stars.”  Featured … Continued

The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions: Full Session

The new health care environment is continually moving into the hands of the individual consumer.  The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions, co-moderated by Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt, addressed the issues and benefits of the integration of consumer … Continued

Indu Subaiya: Keynote

Indu Subaiya discusses the 7 deadly sins: 1) Too much testing, 2) Gooey hospital charges, 3) Bossy intermediaries, 4) No one understands PBMs, 5) EMRs don’t share, 6) It’s (not quite) my data, 7) Don’t go gently into good night.



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